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Pilot Project

Greenbee Campaign

We planted 1100 trees certified by our partner Plant for the Planet, in support of the Eden Reforestation Projects, in Kenya. Each tree planted in its lifetime absorbs about 200kg of carbon dioxide. A European citizen emits about 13T of carbon dioxide per year with his or her lifestyle.


Thanks to greenbee and our partners, you can start on your way to

carbon neutrality, i.e. offset the same amount of carbon dioxide you emit, and be an active part of the fight against climate change.

Piantumazione alberi

Our Partners

All of our partners care about the environment and have decided to fight for it themselves. By participating in the pilot project "Greenbee Campaign", they will give a tree to every customer who buys from their shop.

Piermarino Giordani - Pharmacy

Reportage di Matrimoni - Photographer

Studio De Iapinis Bonomo - Accountants

Vanity Hair - Hairdresser

Viaggia Verde - Green Taxi

Volpetti - Delicatessen

Cerulli Spinozzi - Agricultural Estate

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